Futures Trading
BASIC THINGS 1) Basic Instructions
2) Discount Markets
2) Advanced
2) Volume Profiles
3) Trading Indicators
THE SYSTEM 1) Trading System
2)Long-Term analysis
3)Short-Term analysis
3) Trading Analysis
MARKET TIMING 1) Candlestick Charts
2) Candles Patterns
3) Chart Patterns
4) Continuation Patt.
E-Mini System
O/R System
Dow Futures
Forex systems
FX Introduction
COMMODITIES 1) Commodities
Commodity System
Oil Futures
MANAGEMENT (Risk, Mind & News) Risk Management
The Trader's Mindset
Market News
SIMULATOR Trading Simulator
FUTURES BROKERS 1)  What to look for
2) Futures Brokers
TimeFrames Analysis
"Super Tech Analysis"
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Does Futures Trading Like Pros from Chicago, NY or London PITS appeal to you?

Would you like to learn the futures trading system that is used by the Pros in order to trade like them, or perhaps, like those new electronic trading systems?

Don't worry my friend you have come to the right place...
At Futures Trading How To, you will learn a successful trading system together with different trading strategies and methods, Market mechanisms, trader's mindset plus many more things that will surely help you get where the Pros are.

Learning how to day trade will be easy and fun.

So first off, Relax and get comfortable...

It doesn't matter if you don’t have a clue about trading or have been trading for a long time, this website will help you become a master futures trader in a S-I-M-P-L-E, yet effective way that shortens your learning curve or takes your trading to a next level. (Yep! You finally found something worth it).

Take a look at this chart...

Do you know what to do with it?
I can assure you that you will. This is what Futures Trading How To is here for, to help you pull money out of the Markets and in case you know, to improve your trading to new levels...

But first, you might be wondering.

What will I learn here?

• The mechanisms of futures markets and which things rule it. (Supply and Demand)

• An effective Trading System and its tool (including candlestick charts reading and the auction process), which combined together, work in a daily basis.

• The trader’s mindset. (psychology).

• Help you pull money out of the market.

• Trade Index futures (emini Trading), Commodities, etc.

• Develop an edge and a plan over other traders.

• And much more…

It took me some years to understand the world of futures trading, many hours of hard work on my own and at proprietary trading firms, reading books, looking at charts, demo accounts and live trading with my own money and money from the firms.

Until I finally "got it", even though I continue to grow as a trader. I have decided to put up this web because I needed all the material I have learned in a place where I can access it directly. So why not a web? ...And since my native language is NOT English, it presented another challenge to me that I wanted to tackle.

Understanding the Futures, commodities, forex markets, etc and learning how to day trade futures and forex can be difficult. In this little place I will try to tell you how to do it to put the odds in your favor.

I will also try to make sure you learn as much as possible and enjoy your stay here in such a way that it will take you little time to read; is pleasant, enjoyable, and of course, delivers all the information you need to trade futures, forex, options and stocks.

Don’t worry if you get lost in the process, I’ll be with you every step of the way, either if you are just starting trading futures, or have been trading for a long time.

I have traded on and off for nearly twenty years, and that doesn't mean only stocks and commodities. No, far from it! I have traded currencies, oil, wheat, gold and silver, and more recently, SPORTS!

Sports trading????? Yes, sports! You see, wherever there is a whole bunch of people arguing over prices of anything, there is a market. And wherever there is a market, there is price action which can be read, understood, and to some degree, predicted. So this makes football, horse racing, tennis, golf, rugby, cricket, motor racing, darts, snooker, NFL, and many other sports events a tradeable market place. This wasn't the case until recently with the creation of the Betfair betting exchange. Along with that gargantuan birth, came the birth of a whole new industry - Sports Trading.

In this exciting but fairly cut-throat market environment, bets on many sporting events can be traded between those believing a team will win against those traders who believe it will lose. So how is this any different to people arguing over whether the USD/JPY currency pair will go up or down? Well the answer is it is NO different! Betfair trading on popular sports events is a huge and growing enterprise. More importantly, there is even more leverage in those markets than there is on many stocks and other traditional trading markets.

The biggest events are horse racing and football. You can trade racing events before the horses run (pre race trading) where there are incredibly large sums of money being traded. The only bigger market, and the biggest of all, is found by diving into some In-Play horse racing trading which is even more cut throat and scary than the pre race markets! But for those who can stand the test of discipline and immense learning, these markets can be insanely lucrative. Tempted to give it a go? Visit http://UKFootballTrading.com for some extremely good learning articles and a free ebook for total beginners to learn more about sports trading on Betfair.

Now let’s get started in here…

Start at Online Futures Trading.

There you will find an introductory explanation of how the futures markets REALLY work, also you will find a detailed structure of this site. Follow it along and you will become the trader you have wanted to be, armed with the necessary skills and edge to be an excellent online futures trader.

Online Futures Trading, Understanding every step for successful futures trading
Online futures trading lies in Supply and Demand. Your online trading system for futures trading online should involve an analysis of Supply and Demand, let's see how to do it

Futures trading instruction, the Basic Things.
In futures trading instruction we will review the day trading basics of futures markets for a better day trading training here at Futures Trading How To, then we'll dig deeper into futures trading.

Discount Futures Trading. The main Discount Markets
Discount Futures trading is now available for everyone. It represents excellent investment vehicles for investors and also helps you plan over your financial budget, let's check the world markets.

How to day trade Futures Markets. The Explanations and Tools needed.
Learning how to day trade should not be complicated. To learn how to trade futures or how to trade forex, the only thing you need to know is supply and demand. Let's see how to trade them

Futures Trading course, The Basic Market Mechanisms.
Any Futures Trading Course contains a System but few contain an explanation of the futures markets for what it is. A market!. Futures markets work through Supply and Demand, I'll show you the basics.

Market Technical Analysis. The Auction Process (The Advanced Mechanisms)
Market Technical Analysis. The Futures or any market is an auction. Price is set through a process called "price discovery". Let's look at what that means.

Futures Trading Charts, Locating Supply and Demand.
Futures Trading Charts are the map to the treasure, they show you two things: Supply and Demand, spot them correctly and you have more than half of the battle win. Let's check them

Volume Profile, The Distribution of Volume across Prices.
Volume Profile define, at each price level, the amount of volume traded at each price. The most traded price ( the one with most volume) is defined as VPOC, let's look at all this.

Trading indicators. Volume the main one.
I don’t use trading indicators except for Volume profiles and Volume. Futures trading is an Auction process. Price indeed, is the indicator of value. Let's expand on this

Futures Trading System...The plan, a way to view The Market
A Futures Trading System is comprised of the "Long Term Participants View" of The Market and the "Short Term Participants View", Let's examine the only system that exists, Supply and Demand.

How to trade futures?. First understanding The "Long Term Participants View".
The "Long Term Participants View" of The Market activity is essential to understand how to trade futures, and go with the trend, after spotting Supply and Demand Levels. Let's examine every step.

Day trading futures. The Short Term Participants View to learn how to day trade
Day trading futures requires a "Short Term Participants View" analysis if we want to day trade futures efficiently. let's see how to day trade analizing Market Participants.

Trading Analysis...How did it go at the end?
A trading analysis must be done once the trading session is over, one must look at how well he or she did. Writing in a journal improves consistency, and also calms your mind. Let's check the analysis

Candlestick charts...Your Timing tool.
Candlestick charts serve as an excellent timing tool for futures trading, they let us know who is in control (buyers or sellers) when price reaches a level of Demand or Supply. Let's examine them.

The candlestick patterns...Only 3 of them is all you need!
Candlestick patterns help the Futures trader identify the strength of The Market (price action) at a Level. Tthey MUST be used in conduction with Supply and Demand levels. Let's examine the patterns

The candlestick chart Patterns, how does the chart look like?
Futures traders use the candlestick chart to identify chart patterns (in Shorter Timeframes) and used them as a market timing tool when price reaches a Price Level. Let's examine them.

Continuation patterns in candlestick trading.
Continuation patterns, in candlestick trading, help "seeing" when The Market keeps moving up or down (advertising price up or down) to find Balance. This patterns help the trader stay in the trend. Le

Emini trading. The most popular and liquid indexes
Emini trading is one of the best markets. The emini s p, The dow futures, etc. are excellent for traders getting into emini futures trading. Lets examine the emini trading system I use.

emini day trading The E-mini S&P 500..One of the most technical markets.
When emini day trading, one of the most suitable contract is, The E-mini S&P 500. Here we will examine this contract. Its specifications, behavior, etc.

An emini trading system using the Opening Range
An emini trading system used in emini futures trading is the Opening Range, also called the opening swing. It is very popular in emini trading. Let's check it.

Dow futures, the young brother of the E-mini S&P.
The dow futures are smaller in tick size than the e-mini S&P 500 which makes it easier for the beginners, it has its own behavior but moves pretty much following the E-mini S&P 500.

Currency trading basics to begin your trading journey in a SIMPLE way.
Currency trading basics are needed in order to learn currency trading. Let's explore fast what you will need in order to learn forex online currency trading in a SIMPLE way.

forex systems. Suply and Demand in a currency trading strategy
Forex systems. Supply and Demand must be the base of a currency trading strategy, even if it is automated.

Forex online currency trading
Forex online currency trading, a series of introductory tips to get into the inveting world of online currency trading world.

The commodities markets. A wide range of products...
The commodities markets have wide range of products. The trading system used is the same for any type of market, let's examine what commodities are all about.

Commodity trading system named Market Profile is the traders' choice
commodity trading system is what we all look for. Market profile is a way to organize data in commodities charts for commodity day trading. The commodity trading system a commodity trader use, lets se

Oil futures trading. Crude oil futures a trendy and beautiful market.
Oil futures trading is fast and trendy. Crude oil futures move very fast in the pit hours. Finding Levels with a commodity futures trading system is not difficult, let's examine its behavior.

Risk management. The insurance of your futures trading business
Risk management is one of the most important aspects in online futures trading, preserving your capital and make money trading is our goal. Let's examine the basic rules.

Trading Psychology. Your Mindset is part of trading success.
Trading Psychology. Most of your trading success depends on your Mindset. Let's examine the mindset of a proficient trader.

Forex market news. The Market absorbs The News in Price Action.
Forex market news, financial news, etc, influence the market, when Important news such as Non-farm Payrolls are release they often create a major violent move in price, Let's examine those news.

Futures trading simulator. Practice for mastery
Futures trading simulator is the best way to train yourself without risking any money. Apiring futures trader most train in it until some consistency develops. Let's check what is needed.

Discount futures broker. Your partner in Online Futures Trading
Looking for a discount futures broker is like looking for a partner to do business. Choosing it is a very delicate process. When looking for a broker you should please look for the following things.

Futures trading brokers. The description of your partners.
There are several futures trading brokers. In fact, you can spend almost 6 months just researching about them, so be sure to be as objective as possible upfront. Let's examine the brokers.

Futures trading software, many options so that you can pick the best.
Futures trading software, many options so that you can pick the best futures trading platforms or commodities trading software.

The stock Market Today, yesterday and the days ahead is Always the same.
The stock Market Today, yesterday and the days ahead has Always worked the same. Through Stages of Economic cycles, Futures trading work just the same, they are the stock market. Let's examine it.

All day trading systems should include a timeframe analysis.
All day trading systems should include a timeframe analysis. Timeframe analysis helps you see where the money is, let's examine.

The best trading system you will find. The TimeFrame Analysis
The best trading system used by professionals is the TimeFrame Analysis. Context and the Big Picture is what moves the Markets. Let's check it out.

stock market technical analysis, forex technical analysis, etc. IT IS THE SAME
stock market technical analysis, forex technical analysis, etc. IT IS THE SAME. The Markets have just 4 movements. To learn technical analysis, that's all you need. Let's see it

Futures Trading Strategy. Your Business Strategy
Futures Trading Strategy. Your Business Strategy

Futures Trading Online Articles for begginers
Futures Trading Online Articles for begginers




free commodity charts
free commodity charts

In forex futures trading look at the "BIG PICTURE" to learn currency trading
In forex futures trading look at the "BIG PICTURE". That is what commodity forex online trading is all about. The Long-Term Participant View. Let's check it.

In forex currency trading online just go with the momentum
when forex currency trading online, analyzing the short term participants involve in currency futures trading is essential. These participants generate the most accurate forex signals, let's check it.

Currency futures trading
The currency futures trading system generates free forex signals after the analysis we have done. Let's examine what happened when currency day trading has finished.

Technical analysis indicator. A simple line is the best trading indicator
DESCRIPTION: Technical analysis indicator. A simple line is the best trading indicator. The Market are dominated by buyers and sellers, let's check it out.

commodity future online trading and the Value Area system.
In commodity future online trading the Value Area is one of the best commodity trading systems used by commodity traders, even in commodity forex online trading, let's check it.

commodities charts show initiating and responsive activity in commodities market
commodities charts show initiating and responsive activity in the commodities market when commodity trading. New trends or sideways movement is spot in commodities charts examining participants.

Commodity day trading using the value area or bulges.
For commodity day trading, the value area serves as one of the best commodity trading systems out there for a commodity trader. Using the value area will enhance your commodities trading, let's see

Commodity forex online trading and the value area, continuation.
Let's continue our commodity forex online trading using the Value Area. For commodity day trading the Value Area represents one of the best commodity trading systems out there.

Emini future trading with the opening range
Emini future trading is an excellent way to implement many different emini trading systems. The opening range trading is one of those systems for emini day trading. Let's continue analyzing it.

Emini systems and the opening range.
emini systems that use the opening range for e mini day trading must take into account additional considerations while emini trading this system. Let's see

For emini trading systems the opening swing is KEY.
All the emini trading systems that emini traders use for day trading emini futures take into account the opening swing, let's see how to find it.

Forex currency pairs. The majors, cross currencies, etc.
There are different Forex currency pairs in the world of currency exchanges. The majors and cross-currencies pairs are the preferred in the currency market. Let's explore them.

The biggest forex currency exchange venue is London.
The biggest forex currency exchange venue is London. Billions of dollars in currency exchanges occur daily in the Capital of the foreign exchange markets. Let's explore it.

currency trading news, the catalyst of the foreign exchange markets
Currency trading news are the catalyst of the foreign exchange markets. Forex market news are the triggers of trends that can last several days. Make sure to keep and eye on forex news.

Forex trading school
Finding a forex trading school to learn is not easy, your own self could be the best to trust in the forex trading education area.

Forex technical analysis...
Forex technical analysis form the foundation of any trading plan in forex trading for the retail forex trader.

Forex courses. Build your own testing ideas and systems!
Forex courses. Build your own testing ideas and systems!

Foreign exchange markets and the discipline to succeed
Discipline in the foreign exchange markets is a MUST, let's examine what we need to succed in forex trading or currency trading.

Cme group. The biggest exchange in the world.
Cme group is the major futures exchange in the world, provide access to all kind of markets, let's check it out.

Futures spread trading
Futures spread trading, another way to trade the markets

Futures trading hours, liquidity is best in RTH
Futures trading hours, liquidity is best in RTH

Day trading options, spreadbetting is one them
Day trading options, Spreadbetting is one of the many instruments we have.

Investing for income with Spreadbetting
Investing for income with Spreadbetting

Day trading for a living. What is needed?
Day trading for a living. What is needed?

Commodities trading software such as Sierra chart or Market Delta
Commodities trading software such as Sierra chart or Market Delta.

Ninja trader, a great futures trading platfom
Ninja trader, a great futures trading platfom for all kind of traders.

Futures trading platforms. CQG and Investor R/T, they are one of the best.
Futures trading platforms. CQG and Investor R/T, they are one of the best online trading platforms.

A commodity trading software called X-Trader.
A commodity trading software called X-Trader.

commodities quotes
live commodities quotes for all markets

free forex charts
free forex charts

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