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Emini systems and the opening range considerations.

Emini systems that use the opening range for e mini day trading must take into account additional considerations while emini trading.

Continuing with the Opening range emini trading system (click if you missed it and do not know what the opening range is). We are now going to check some important facts that as, emini traders, we must be aware of while implementing our emini systems and commodities systems. This considerations are even more important for the opening range emini trading system.

Additional considerations for the opening range emini trading system as well as other emini trading systems.

  • The opening range might serve as Support or Resistance for the e mini day trading session ahead. (Or commodities if you are trading such).
  • If the opening range is too big. I may avoid using this emini trading system and choose other emini systems. Simply because I want my stop order below/above the opening range and if the range is to big, the risk is increased by having to set a larger stop-loss order.
  • Another thing that adds to the risk is that the Market can move away from the opening range, sometimes very quickly. If you don’t get in on the trade early, your risk is also increased. The amount you want to risk is something you’ll also have to decide (obviously, the less risk the better)
  • The thing that I like the most about this emini trading system compared to other emini trading systems is this:

    When the market has opened above the previous day's value area and gets above the opening range you are getting long when it has upward momentum or Initiating activity.

    And when the market has opened below the previous day's value area and gets below the opening range you are getting short when it has downward momentum or Initiating activity to the short side.

  • You must be careful of the government reports, important news, forex market news, etc that are released at 10 a.m New York Time. They can strongly alter the action of the market, which in turn alter all emini systems you could be trading, specially the opening range emini trading system.

    Many times if I don’t have large profit in this trade. I will exit my position just before the reports are about to be released. (No one knows what’s going to happen; it’s not worth giving back profits once you’ve made them, and when the reports are released, it’s really a gamble on which way the market will go next).

  • Emini systems and specially The opening range emini trading system might show better probabilities if we determine the opening range through the opening swing technique instead of the First minute of trading.
  • I suggest trailing your stop order as the market moves in your direction. This is the best way to lock in profits.
  • It’s important to understand that you only want to get into this trade if the Market gets through the opening range. In other words, if the Market opens above the previous day's value area, you only want to get long if the market gets above the opening range.

    If it doesn’t get above the opening range, you should not get into the position. And the same is true when the market is below the previous day's value area. You only want to get short if the Market opens below the value area and then gets below the opening range. If the Market doesn’t get below the opening range, you should not get into the position.

  • To improve your odds, I first recommend that you please understand How to trade futures reviewing the Long-Term participants Views of the Market...

    Together with the Short-Term Participants Views of the Market for day trading futures.

    Knowing how to analyze the Market will enhance the probabilities of all the emini systems that you could trade.

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    I have gone through thousands of sites before I came across your work and indeed it is commendable. I have one question for you. After drawing support and resistance lines on the 30 and 5 minute chart, do you then focus on a 2 minute chart and take your trades based on candlestick patterns?

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