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When forex currency trading online, analyzing the short term participants involve in currency futures trading is essential so that you go with momentum

when forex currency trading online analyzing the Short-Term Participants view of The Market involved in currency futures trading or forex cash trading is essential so that you can go with the momentum.

Once we have analyze our "Long Term view” of The Market we now need to zoom in into a more detailed view to analyze when forex futures trading where the market is trying to go and how good is it trying to move there. This will generate accurate forex signals when forex currency trading online. Remember the two questions it is important.

Also remember that forex currency trading online must be approached with as much simplicity as possible, so we can clearly spot those levels to buy or sell.

Ok, let's stop talking a go to…the rest of our currency futures trading system.

***Click on charts to enlarge***

  • Step 4

    (Chart Below)

    First of all zoom into your 10 Minutes chart.

    In this Step 4, I Recommended to mark up the levels with a thinner line or a different color line from those in previous steps, so that you can quickly identify if The Market is at a "thick" level ("Long Term Participants") or if The Market is at a "thin" level, formed by a mixed of "Long Term Participants" ["Other timeframe participants" (Investors, Hedge Funds, etc)],and also by "Short Term Participants" ["Day Trading Participants" (Market Makers, Individual Traders with lots of money, etc)].

    This helps you in your forex currency trading online, the accurate forex signals are seen more clearly.

    I could dare to say that "thick" levels from by "Long Term Participants" tend to be stronger that "thin" levels, but do NOT keep this into your mind, as it depends more in The Market activity than simply a matter of saying that one level is stronger than the other when forex currency trading online.

    But, as a general rule, "thick" levels provide higher "accuracy" than "thin" levels, since they are formed by the ones with the most money. ("Long Term Participants").

    I do NOT Rule out any of The Levels for being "thick" or "thin" when currency futures trading. I trade both as equally because they represent Supply and Demand levels.

    Ok now my friends let's stop chatting and keep going with step 4.

    In you chart to generate the accurate forex signals.

    1. Mark up the Highs and Lows (places where price Stopped and Reverse, or changed trend in the 5 Min chart) (CIRCLES).
    2. Mark up The Levels where The Price has bounced several times (SQUARES).

    currency futures trading

  • Step 5 when forex currency trading online:

    In step 5 we check the Vpocs of the previous day(s). NOW in currency futures trading I DO NOT use, nowadays, the VPOC every day so I have decided to not put it here in the Steps for forex currency trading online. Remember every market has its own personality, maybe tomorrow The Market changes and I will need it.

  • Step 6

    (Chart Below)

    Now we move into Step 6, the place we get the accurate forex signals:

    1. Zoom into the 5 Minutes chart.
    2. Check The NEWS of the day so that you can be aware that, when they are released, (normally at 4:00 AM, 8:30 AM and 2PM New York time) you MUST STAY OUT, when forex currency trading online, for at least 20 minutes, since The Market will act as a catalyst and the levels we mark up can become weaker, not generating accurate forex signals when currency futures trading or cash forex trading.

      This happens because during important news, and for those 20 minutes or so, The Market is looking for value in a FAST AND UNPREDICTABLE way.

      Emotions are at its fullest at that moment. Fear and greed by buyers and sellers are at its peak. Most “big Players” act here fighting each other, so please stay OUT until they settle and calm down their emotions, remember this is a Auction Process and emotion plays a KEY ROLE day trading futures efficiently.

    3. Relax and remember that this is a business and you must treat it as such …(No, i don't want to scare you. Just be careful and enjoy the game !!! We need to have fun, otherwise it is not worth it).
    4. Number your levels in case you want to do so…

    Let's check Step 6 chart...


  • Very well done!!.

    You have done a great job!. We are now finished with our "Short Term Participants View" analysis when forex currency trading online. Now we'll have accurate forex signals generated when the market is in action.

    Now we have a system to pullsome money out of the market through cash or currency futures trading.

    After the analysis of the "Long Term Participants" , plus the "Short Term Participants" analysis made here, my "guess" or "biased" is the following:

    1. If the market opens above level numbered 4. Our accurate forex signals I will be buying above level 4 to exit at level 5, since the market might be moving sideways between 4 and 6.
    2. If we open below level 4, I will be shorting level 4 down to level 2 or 1. Level 3 might be too weak since it is very near level 4.

    Remember, this is just a "biased" opinion when forex currency trading online. The Market can dowhatever it wants to do. This is just a "game plan" to spotbuyers and sellers.

    Now let's go to the result of the following day in forex currency trading online and check what the Market did.

    Click here to see the following day when forex currency trading online

    Click here to go back to Futures Trading How To

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    I have gone through thousands of sites before I came across your work and indeed it is commendable. I have one question for you. After drawing support and resistance lines on the 30 and 5 minute chart, do you then focus on a 2 minute chart and take your trades based on candlestick patterns?

    Robby from Indonesia.

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