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Futures trading platforms. CQG and Investor R/T, they are one of the best online trading platforms.

Many futures trading platforms can enhance or decrease the trader's performance simply because of its capabilities.


One futures trading platform that i love in all ways, thing is that is VERY EXPENSIVE, so for the professional is well worth it going for it, but for the beginner it can take some time until you are able to afford it so it might no be the best option in terms of affordable online trading platforms

CQG has earned a solid reputation among online trading platforms through decades of reliable performance, providing traders with an innovative trading interface complete with accurate global market data, professional analytical tools, and advanced order routing.

CQG Integrated Client provides the ideal solution in terms of futures trading platforms, for all professional trader needs, it has been around since 1980 and provides worldwide market coverage for futures, options, fixed income, foreign exchange, equities, news, OTC, so you can use it with any kind of instrument. 

The quoting and charting features include:

  • High-speed, real-time, and historical market data from over one hundred global sources
  • Sixteen chart styles, including CQG's exclusive TFlow®, which displays whether traders are hitting bids or lifting offers (sort of a footprint chart
  • Portfolio and Instrument Monitors 
  • Customizable continuation charts
  • Over one hundred basic and custom studies
  • Portfolio scans of your favorite setups or conditions 
  • Powerful trade system design and backtesting features
  • Six news sources, including Dow Jones Newswires
  • Analytics and charting packages available starting from $595 per month (ouch!)
  • CQG is the best Charting Package you can get of all futures trading platforms, if you are a professional trading 1 million portfolios, you should already know that and well, I don't thing you will be reading this, hehe!....

    If you have the money to afford it and you are really committed to trading, investing in this platform will really increase your market visibility.

    There are many futures trading platforms out there but another one that I like a lot is:


    It is produced by Linn Software, offers two major futures trading platforms: Investor/RT and Investor/RT Market Profile. Both of these are available in Standard and Professional editions. 

    Investor RT has the same features (or almost) of Market Delta (one of the commodities trading software previously reviewed) but at a much more affordable price. 

    Investor/RT Standard offers charting, technical analysis and market monitoring. Featuring more than 20 charting types and styles and 130+ built-in technical indicators.  The standard edition is an advanced charting system and more.

    Specialty chart types including Point and Figure, Custom Histogram, Raw Tick, and Three Line Break. The built-in indicator library includes all of the most widely used technical analysis methods, drawing and chart annotation tools, and many specialty indicators. Quotepages, Portfolio Management, Custom Instruments (e.g. pairs, spreads, custom indexes, ratios), News monitoring features are all included. 

    The Professional Edition has added functionality made possible by the Investor/RT user language, called RTL. The professional edition also includes the advanced volume analysis indicator called Volume Breakdown, It shows the spread on bids vs ask when trades are executed. in a Demand Level of the futures trading system you should be looking for more trade executed on the offer than on the bid (a positive delta).


    Investor/RT Market Profile 

    Standard Edition:Features Market Profile charting. It can be used along with all of the other charting styles and technical analysis features offered in the Investor/RT standard edition.

    The Market Profile products (standard and professional) include the Profile Indicator and the TPO Indicator, so that market profile related studies can be done in traditional charting contexts alongside Market Profile charts. 

    The Professional Edition includes RTL language and several additional advanced indicators, including the Volume Breakdown indicator.

    Cost for futures trading platforms can vary according to capabilities, speed, features, etc. For Investor/RT these costs are:

  • Investor/RT Standard Edition $40
  • Professional Edition $60
  • Investor/RT Market Profile Standard Edition$55
  • Professional Edition $75
  • Investor/RT End-of-Day (No Intraday Charting) Standard Edition $20
  • Professional Edition $30

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    I have gone through thousands of sites before I came across your work and indeed it is commendable. I have one question for you. After drawing support and resistance lines on the 30 and 5 minute chart, do you then focus on a 2 minute chart and take your trades based on candlestick patterns?

    Robby from Indonesia.

    WOW, very very good materials. I've been studying market profile and supply and demand for about 2 years now. So far, I found the materials in your website to be very generous.

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