Online Futures Trading, Understanding every step for successful futures trading

Online Futures Trading, Understanding every step for successful futures trading

The Real Truth about online futures trading lies in Supply and Demand.

When You ask somebody, Do you think Online Futures Trading or “The Market” is random?, Typically they would answer Yes, if they don’t have a clue about the mechanism of the markets, either futures, stocks, bonds or whatever.

Why Supply and Demand?

Simply because we have buyers and sellers, nothing else. Any market has buyers and sellers, the futures markets are no exception and KNOWING supply and demand, is what makes money.

People fear Futures Trading. They think that online futures trading is more dangerous or riskier than any other stock trading strategies.


Online Futures Trading is less Risky because you spend less time in the

markets and leverage is used in your favor not against you.

Surprises like, bad news, terrorist attacks or another

world disaster can be monitored by you closely, so that

you hold your position open from 15 minutes to 3 hours,

(or even less) at a maximum, and go home.

Online stock trading makes you wait several days to show a profit (which increases your risk). I trade both stocks and futures, the only difference is the holding period. You may hold 500 Apple stocks for 5 days, while you may hold 3 futures contracts of Corn for 5 minutes, Thats the difference.

Do not think that futures trading online means that you must have to keep your eyes glued to the 30 components (stocks) of the Dow Futures.

No! Futures Trading move by Supply and Demand in an Auction Process. What it means is that Price looks for an area of balance once it is Unbalance, or vice-versa, just like when somebody lower the price of bread in the supermarket, everyone buys more because they feel they can. Simple !

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So, what does online futures trading mean?

Buy or sell whatever contract you like when it reaches an area or price where you can do business, thats all

Not watching the 500 components of the S&P; 500, or the weather to see if the corn market is affected today Futures Trading simply means Looking for areas (prices) where Supply and Demand is located and place your orders to buy or sell. Simplicity is king.

If you are a complete beginner and do not know what a futures contract is, then.

Start with:

the Instructions to Futures Trading (what is a contract, what is a margin requirement, what are futures for, etc.) Look at the main markets in Discount Futures trading and in which exchange they trade, etc

Now If you already know what a futures contract is, what is it for, main markets, etc. but do not know how to trade them then…